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In this type of series, a complete dx system (Compressor, condenser and expansion valve) is attached to the (IDEC) cooling stages (1st and 3rd) to add more choices and variant cooling features which are automatically switched between them, depends on the ambient condition. The 1st and the 3rd (IDEC) stages are exactly the same as the standard series, where the indirect / direct series will be alternately used to cool the space. The 2nd stage will be cooled by DX refrigerant cycle, where the condenser and the gas inside it is cooled by the water. The hybrid series are favorite choice to be used where a hot and high moisture content space needs to be cool. This will ensure that the moisture content will be in the acceptable range and energy consumption will be minimize (40% better saving in energy compared to the traditional dx system).

The combination of these innovations delivers the highest performing Hybrid Evaporative Cooling system in the world today.

Features & Benefits

  • Built in economiser function.
  • High efficiency direct drive plug fan.
  • High efficiency secondary axial fan with low noise design.
  • Separate primary and secondary water circuits for optimum efficiency.
  • Separate primary and secondary water circuits for optimum efficiency  interface / control / Thermostat.
  • Automated water quality management system, field adjustable for specific site requirements.
  • Water limit switches for pump protection.
  • UV filtration.
  • Penta Post construction.
  • Integrated Dx System.

Hybrid Series (H)

Cooling Stages

1 Indirect evaporative cooling
2 DX refrigerant cycle
3 Direct Evaporative cooling

Best to use where

1 wet and hot whether
2 No other cooling system is available