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In this series, the air inside the space which was cooled by any available cooling system will be used to cool the water in the energy recovery machine. The air will go in the return duct and pull by the exhaust fan to pass the wet media or (Pad) inside energy recovery machine to lose more temperature and to have better ability to cool the water. Then, the cooled water will be used to cool the air stream by the heat exchanger and will go out to cool the space. This type is used when you want to add a certain percentage of fresh air to your cooled space where the moisture content is high. So, in this way, the space was ventilated and cooled under acceptable moisture content and without the need to use any special dx ventilation machine which consumed too much energy compared to the simple energy recovery machine.


The result of this innovative approach to thermal energy recovery means Air2O ER systems are at least twice as effective as thermal wheels and the highest performing evaporative recovery system in the world today.

Features & Benefits

  • Built in economiser function.
  • High efficiency direct drive plug fan.
  • 24 volt control panel compatible with any external interface / control / Thermostat.
  • Automated water quality management system, field adjustable for specific site requirements.
  • Water limit switches for pump protection.
  • UV filtration.
  • Penta Post construction.

Energy Recovery Series (ER)

Cooling Stages

1 Indirect evaporative cooling

Best to use where

1 wet and hot whether
2 Available cooling system
3 Certain percentage of ventilation is required