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Power Consumption

As we see from the chart, increasing the energy consumption is one of the main problems in Saudi Arabia compared to some other countries which started rationalizing energy consumption. Also, 73% of energy consumption comes from air conditioning systems.

According to Saudi Vision 2030; which realizes the importance of using a renewable energy source and rationalizes the energy consumption, here, Air20 provides an economical air condition system and Air20 is the world leading in minimizing the energy consumption and providing the highest performance.

This chart compares the power consumption between the Hybrid Series and the traditional DX Systems. The Hybrid series consume different power across the year, based on the ambient conditions and customer inputs which determine the cooling strategy and operating system, then the power consumption will differ accordingly. While the DX systems operate under roughly constant power consumption with no consideration of the ambient conditions. Automated Optimizing of energy and provide the best performance to your space under different circumstances is one of the main advantages of Air20’ Products.

Whenever the temperature increase, capacity, efficiency, and performance will increase under constant power performance. While the capacity and efficiency will decrease and power consumption will increase in the dx systems compared to Air20 Products.