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7155 Al Ulaya, Al Woroud District,Riyadh 12253–2323, Saudi Arabia
+ 966 56 569 7351

Engineers design their cooling system based on one single extreme condition, whether in the summer or the winter, the ASHRAE Design Condition. But in reality, we live in spectrum of conditions that vary between hot, mild, cold, dry and wet. Depending on the specific condition, we could use a different cooling strategy, including Traditional Direct Expansion (DX) AC, Direct Evaporative, Indirect Evaporative, Indirect/Direct (IDEC) and/or Economizer… (true hybrid operation). Air2O’s equally unique intelligent control system, ACSESS, automatically responds to external weather conditions, continuously adapting its cooling strategy to run only the most efficient cooling systems for the ambient condition of the moment, this means that the higher energy systems are only used when needed, ensuring consistent performance, high efficiency and significant energy savings. To save as much energy as possible Air2O air conditioning units can operate inthree different stages:Free cooling, Direct evaporative cooling and Indirect/Directevaporative cooling, depending on the outdoor temperature and relative humidity.The combination of these three stages, maximizes theenergy savings.


Air20’ products systems create a range of temperature and moisture content where the comfortability of the human is achieved. Based on psychometry chart analysis, the ambient whether condition and the desired temperature and humidity, the system will operate different cooling strategies with different capacities to maintain the objected place inside the boarder of the comfort zone whatever the circumstances are. As ambient conditions or comfort zone inputs change, the system will recalculate and choose the best available cooling strategy.Depending on the equipment, these strategies can include fresh air cooling (economizer), direct evaporative, indirect evaporative, IDEC, and/or DX standard air conditioning.